Our Team

David Watkins

CEO, CFO, director

Previous CEO of a public company division (Intersections – security company, e-wallets); President and CEO White Sky, a security company; CEO QSecure, a MEMS science physical payments company founded by Kerry Brown; President and CEO TrueSpectra, an image management company. David is a shareholder and will take us to market beta-testing in 12+ months, then assist to maintain high-growth . He’ll remain an advisor for  approximately 2 additional years.

Kerry Brown

CTO, cofounder, director

Helped raise nearly half of $140+ million for 2 ventures co-founded in mobile fintech NFC payments and reprogrammable payment card MEMS science. Vivotech sold nearly 1 Million NFC/Contactless Point of Sale Merchant transaction terminals plus mobile provisioning SW as a partner in initial development of mobile NFC.  At QSecure, we invented and constructed the first electronic re-programmable payment card, based upon MEMS science, with many powered recording heads under the mag stripe that “permanently” write and store magnetic data.  Kerry has nearly 50 patent filings as an inventor in Materials Science, Plasma Science, Network and Device security, NFC and Optical networks, Network Authentication, Cryptography, with 1 issuing a year ago. Kerry is an inventor on the 3 issued MetaSepia utility patents, is a founder and director, and will manage the technical and IP development as CTO.

Peter Landrock. PhD

Crypto Security Expert, cofounder, director

Founder of Cryptomathic, a financial technology security company with a global presence and nearly 70 employees. He’s past President of the International Association for Cryptologic Research. Nominated for awards related to encryption technologies and patent filings for the European Inventor Award. Peter acquired a PhD in mathematics from University of Chicago. Peter is a founder and director, and will assist in the overall device and partner product/network integration security, and the Cryptomathic partnership for any developmental services our partners can’t develop.

Dan Cvrcek, PhD

Advisor, Steganography and analysis

Advisor on mobile app development; Founder of Smart Architects, a UK smartcard, secure key technology and products and services company. Dan is assisting in software development, image encoding, pattern recognition and analysis, and assistance for our Optical EMV contactless mobile payments technology.

Cryptomathic A/S


A founding Partner, Cryptomathic, is a multinational cryptographic and security company for mobile banking and government security apps, and will assist on the mobile Trusted Execution Environment (TEE-MASC)  and Secure Enclave for our EMV payments, and assist in overall security implementations.

Smart Architects UK


Smart Architects is a UK smartcard, secure key technology, and products and services company. They are assisting in our software development and api development for Optical EMV payments and are assisting us on productization.

Abrantix AG


Abrantix is a multinational developer of payment software, removing the friction between people and technology for electronic payments. Abrantix is providing an EMV certified L2 kernel and co-developing our Optical EMV payments system.

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