Our Mobile Transactions Utility Development and Equity Partners

Kerry Brown

CTO, cofounder, Utility Development and Acquisition Promotion Partner

Kerry is on nearly 50 patent filings as an inventor in Materials Science, Plasma Science, Network and Device security, NFC and Optical networks and Mobile Authentication and Cryptography. Kerry is an inventor on the 3 issued MetaSepia utility patents. He is leading the promotion of the present IP for acquisition, starting in April 2022.

Peter Landrock. PhD

Crypto Security Expert, cofounder, director

Peter was President of the International Association for Cryptologic Research. He was nominated for awards related to encryption technologies and patent filings for the European Inventor Award. Peter assisted in the initial architecture and development. Peter is an inventor on the 3 issued MetaSepia utility patents.

Dan Cvrcek, PhD

Advisor, Steganography and analysis

Advisor on mobile app development; Founder of Smart Architects, a UK smartcard, secure key technology and products and services company. Dan  assisted in software development.

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