Our Team

David Watkins

CEO, CFO, director

Previous CEO of a public company division (Intersections – security company, e-wallets); President and CEO White Sky, a security company; CEO QSecure, a MEMS science physical payments company founded by Kerry Brown; President and CEO TrueSpectra, an image management company. David is a shareholder and will take us to market beta-testing in a year, then assist to locate a high-growth through IPO CEO. He’ll remain an advisor for  approximately 3 additional years of share-vesting.

Kerry Brown

CTO, cofounder, director

Helped raise nearly half of $130+ million for 2 ventures cofounded in mobile fintech NFC transactions and reprogrammable payment card MEMS science. Vivotech sold nearly 1 Million NFC/Contactless Point of Sale Merchant transaction terminals and mobile provisioning SW. We invented and constructed the first electronic re-programmable payment card, based upon MEMS science, with many powered recording heads under the mag stripe that “permanently” write and store magnetic data.  Kerry has more than 40 patent filings as an inventor in Materials Science, Plasma Science, Network and Device security, NFC an Optical networks, Network Authentication, cryptography, with 1 issuing last year. Kerry is an inventor on the 3 issued MetaSepia utility patents, is a founder and director, and will manage the creation of the mobile SW product and TSP server work as CTO. He’ll also manage overall product technology development partnerships.

Peter Landrock. PhD

Crypto Security Expert, cofounder, director

Founder of Cryptomathic, a financial technology security company with a global presence and nearly 70 employees. He’s past President of the International Association for Cryptologic Research. Nominated for awards related to encryption technologies and patent filings for the European Inventor Award. Peter acquired a PhD in mathematics from University of Chicago. Peter is a founder and director, and will manage the creation and innovation of the Prizm SW and TSP product blockchain security system, and relationship with Cryptomathic.

Torben Pryds Pedersen PhD

Chief Security Architect via Cryptomathic

Torben is the CTO of Cryptomathic, is our Chief Security Architect, and will delegate project and workflow requirements on specific Cryptomathic tasks for rapid MetaSepia development. Torben Pedersen holds an MS in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Cryptology), University of Aarhus, Denmark

Tony Perkins

Blockchain Advisor

Silicon Valley OG & Blockchain Revolutionary. Founder Cryptonite, AlwaysOn, Red Herring, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group.
Tony will advise MetaSepia on all aspects of technology, partner development, and fund-raising.

Cryptomathic, a significant shareholder, has 30 years of experience in delivering crypto-based security solutions to banks, governments, and large enterprises. Cryptomathic is particularly experienced in complex key management solutions, digital signature solutions, user authentication and securing mobile device applications. Cryptomathic will use their skills and proprietary technology to seamlessly interface our next Prizm app with our proprietary blockchain, adding more security and functionality to both.

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