Online-eComm/Cloud-Merchant Transactions directly with the Offline Customer at the mobile-POS!


MetaSepia enables >1 Billion Offline smartphones for Online cloud payments and Mobile2Mobile payments with 3 emerging products for wallets, brands, Softcard issuers,  merchant cloud-Payment Services Providers (PSP), and Payments as a Service (PaaS) partners, mobile2mobile mutual authentication front-end, and location-based marketing partners.

We bridge the mobile contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) disintermediation gap and transfer the ApplePay fees of ~$3B in 2019, and other mobile payments fees to the online merchant PSP. We enable instant rewards and services for the offline customer on any smartphone at the mobile Point of Sale (mPOS). The customer conversion from NFC, and new users of mobile contactless payments, will be driven by the greatly enhanced cloud-based User Experience (UX) at the mPOS payment moment.

About 2.8 Billion mobile wallets were in use worldwide at the end of 2020 and expected to jump 74% to 4.8 Billion wallets in 5 years, according to Boku/Juniper Research. More than 100 million Americans are expected to use proximity mobile payments, compared to 72 Million in 2019, according to eMarketeer, and more than 5o% of smartphone users will make proximity payments. We offer an Optical alternative to cell/wifi/bt/NFC transactions with their high user-frictions. We offer:

1. Offline Mobile-to-Cloud electronic commerce (eComms) and cloud-based Payments at the merchant online mPOS. We extend online eComms to the offline customer at the merchant mPOS! We achieve this by using the common devices display and selfie-camera hardware as a high-speed Optical Modem system. This effectively bridges the Offline-customer to an Online/Cloud merchant communications layer at the mPOS, greatly reducing merchant friction and adding the online security, wallet function, receipting and rewards, stored value, alternative currencies, data sync, and other typical online payments and  features available at the cloud-level. An online payment may allow for higher mobile proximity payments limits than present NFC payments.

The merchant’s smartphone mPOS acts as an untrusted Optical pass-through/relay device and the transaction protocol is directly between  the Offline phone and the merchant’s cloud payment services via an embedded Zoom/Cisco/other Video channel that is briefly open for the transaction. We shift the center of offline mobile payments to the online merchant payments service providers. The risk and transaction fees gap between online payments and NFC payments is narrowing with advances in online payments risk and security services. Greater features are offered to the online customer, but not the offline customer, for an exciting opportunity for our unique transaction channel.

2. Proximity-based Mutual Authentication api and transaction channel for newly merging m2m apps. We use the optical channel as the communications layer between phones rather than an RF/NFC communications layer. We act as a smartbridge between nearly all phones, enabling device ubiquity, and executing online protocols at the offline phone for emerging apps requiring proximity security and mutual authentication.

3. Offline-to-Offline transactions with software protocols can be similar to present offline mobile NFC . The optical transactions occur between phones, and not an online cloud/server, in similar manner to present mobile Offline2Offline contactless transactions. This product also provides emerging mobile phone proximity transactions apps with Mutual Authentication and ID Verification.

We enrichen the offline retail UX with instant merchant and referral couponing, rewards,  mobile to mobile transfers at the mPOS, member-to-member offline2offline OpenTable tab sharing, location-based marketing including Shopping Mall Maps and daily coupons, and payment of personal bills at the mPOS that is cheaper and faster. The low-friction offline UX with any personal phone and OS via a software only QR-like transaction utility, plus the instant rewards and online benefits, will drive consumer adoption. The ubiquity of all smartphones, ease of technology integration at the cloud level, possibly higher spend limits, and marketing programs will drive merchant adoption.

Our technology is software-only for any smartphone OS.  The mPOS updates are at the server level and not the phone/device level, enabling fast updates for emerging payments.

We demonstrated  mobile to mobile GooglePay and Paypass optical software payments protocols between offline IOS and online Android devices on the Abrantix CH certified test network, processing a test token in 2.39 seconds in late Dec, 2020, and can achieve much lower speeds. This mobile to mobile payment prototype utilized a certified EMV Level 2 software kernel with protocols for mobile NFC, and normal merchant PSP processing and transaction authorization for NFC payments. We demonstrated only the software protocols as an example of how we can bridge the NFC disintermediation gap via a novel ubiquitous communications gateway and execution at the cloud-level.

Company partnerships in MetaSepia assisting to achieve this technology prototype include  Cryptomathic GB, Smart Architects GB, and Abrantix CH. These company partnerships, utilizing some of their ~100 collective payments and security engineers may assist, as requested, in development of this system with our other partners. Our motivated partnerships have vetted the technology with demonstrated initial first prototype capabilities, a fully-inclusive payments for all phones vision, a novel online2offline payments architecture, a new location-based marketing channel at the mPOS, IP protection with 3 issued patents, a professional development team, and an existing opportunity in mobile to mobile transactions.

We’re raising  $2 Mn in seed funding in 2022 for a 12+ month program with 24 month runway to advance the prototype to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) beta-testing towards compliance and licensing and are working towards partnering with PaaS platforms, merchant PSP and SaaS hosted payments platform partners, wallet issuers, payment softcard brands, and marketing partners.

We are also offering in Jan 2022 the IP, patents, and knowhow to interested parties for acquisition, with our assistance as requested. We offer 2+years and 3 issued patents, advantage over any emerging competition with rights in the mobile optical modem system, and defensive protection with issued patents for mobile optical transactions when other competition develops. The low cost of entry to MVP testing  and the high upside potential qualifies this as an exceptional partnership and investment or acquisition opportunity!

Fast Encoded Bidirectional Data Beacons

The always-emissive color beacon technology greatly increases bidirectional 2-way data payloads and signal-to-noise improvements over static high-contrast 1-way QR codes, and can be located across the displays as patterns, logos or other branded or personalized objects.


The beacon’s multiple colors offer multi-bit data depth far exceeding QR data density (besides being a 2-way communication process), and necessary for fast software security protocols and data sharing. The user scanning-experience is similar to QR code payments and our data rate is very high with known improvements to approach NFC data rates.


Please request a short slidedeck for this exciting opportunity to grow or acquire this newly emerging mobile transactions company.

Kerry Brown, CTO and co-founder:

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Mobile Optical, no-NFC, EMV/Other Software Protocol Payments Systems for all smartphones and OS with front-facing cameras. We extend online payments directly to offline customers at the mPOS.

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David Watkins

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Kerry Brown

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Peter Landrock. PhD

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Dan Cvrcek, PhD

Advisor, Steganography and analysis

Cryptomathic A/S


Smart Architects UK


Abrantix AG


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