Online Ecomm and PaaS/PSP Merchant Transactions extension directly to the Offline mobile Customer at the mPOS


MetaSepia enables >1 Billion videochat-capable offline phones for Online Ecomm payments and Mobile2Mobile payments with 3 distinct emerging products for existing wallets, brands, issuers,  merchant PSP, PaaS, or SaaS platform partner.

We bridge the NFC disintermediation gap and transfer the 0.15% SamsungPay and ApplePay fees of ~$3B last year to our online merchant services partner. We enable instant rewards and services for the offline customer at the mPOS and their conversion from NFC, and new users of contactless payments,  will be driven by the novel User Experience at the mPOS moment.

1. We extend Online Ecomm Payments directly to the Offline Customer at the merchant online mPOS and support typical online TLS/SSL and P2PE transactions! We achieve this by using the common devices display and selfie-camera hardware as a high-speed optical modem. This effectively bridges the Offline-customer to an Online/Cloud merchant communications layer at the merchant mPOS, greatly reducing merchant friction and adding the fraud, security, wallet function, receipting and rewards, stored value, alternative currencies, and other typical Online payments, and EMV type software protocols and  features at the mobile Point of Sale (mPOS). We can provide the m2m MA protocols that enable the mPOS phone, providing a hybrid authenticated online payment.

The merchant services cloud establishes a separate offline customer security layer, enabling privacy and supporting anonymity via alternative online payments now exported to the offline customer. The merchant mPOS acts as an untrusted Optical pass-through/relay device and the transaction protocol is between either the Offline phone and the merchant’s cloud PSP services, or the m2m authentication with the cloud payments process.

2. We support almost all smartphone Mobile-to-Mobile Mutual Authentication, Proximity and Retail Transactions and payments with software protocols that may be similar to NFC- EMV protocols. We use the optical channel as the communications interface between phones rather than an RF/NFC communications and pairing layer with a Secure Element. In both instances, a request for authorization is sent by the mPOS to the cloud.

3. We  support offline-to-offline transactions with software protocols similar to present offline mobile NFC payments, and can support browser TLS protocols. The optical transactions occur between phones, and not an online cloud/server, in similar manner to present mobile offline2offline contactless transactions. This product supports emerging mobile phone Proximity Transactions apps with Mutual Authentication and ID Verification requirements, and enables token and alternative payments between most phones. We will provide this secure communication layer to existing wallets/issuers.

We support merchant Real Time Payments (RTP), authenticated mobile payments, branding and promotional couponing at the mPOS, customer upsell and rewards via any COTS smartphone to the offline customer! Location-based marketing works with our system and the customer does not need to log onto any online site.

We enrichen the offline retail customer experience to that of an online purchase with instant couponing, rewards, cross-marketing, options for BNPL payment on the customer phone, member-to-member offline2offline or -online sharing such as OpenTable tab sharing, location-based marketing, and payment of personal bills and subscriptions at the mPOS that is cheaper and faster. The instantaneous no-friction offline customer rewards and payments will drive adoption.

Our technology is software-only, any OS and not requiring the Secure Element chip, and utilizes the existing software Secure Enclave and Point to Point-encryption (P2PE), where necessary. We can open a partner’s browser or wallet and initiate payments at the cloud level via the mPOS.  The mPOS update costs are at the server, not the phone/device, enabling fast updates for emerging payments. We will provide an api via a merchant services partner platform for use by existing wallets such as AmEx Expresspay; softcards from Brands and Issuers; member groups such as Zelle;  Elavon Converge extension to offline retail payments and other typical online payments partners. We can aggregate payments into a partner wallet, shift the center of mobile payments revenue a little towards the PSP or mechant, and provide a richer consumer experience at the mPOS moment!

We demonstrated  mobile to mobile GooglePay and Paypass optical payments protocols between offline IOS and online Android devices on the Abrantix CH certified test network, processing an HCE test token in 2.39 seconds in Dec, 2020. This Mobile to Mobile payment prototype utilized a certified EMV L2 software kernel with protocols for mobile NFC, and normal payments services provider processing and transaction authorization for NFC payments. We demonstrated only the software protocols as an example of how we bridge the NFC disintermediation gap and can move security and data protocols directly to the merchant cloud, and enabling cloud-based payments.

Company partnerships in MetaSepia assisting to achieve this extraordinary technology prototype include  Cryptomathic GB, Smart Architects GB, and Abrantix CH. These company partnerships, utilizing some of their ~100 collective payments and security engineers will assist, as needed, in development of this system with our other partners. Our motivated partnerships have vetted the technology with demonstrated prototype capabilities, a fully-inclusive payments for all phones vision, IP protection, a professional startup team, and an existing opportunity in the rapidly emerging mobile to mobile contactless payments!

We’re raising  $2 Mn in seed funding in 2021 for a 12+ month program and 24 month runway to advance the prototype to MVP beta-testing for compliance and licensing and are working towards partnering with PaaS, merchant SaaS hosted payments platform partners, PSP, Wallets and other partners. The low cost of entry to MVP testing and compliance and the high upside potential qualifies this as an exceptional partnership and investment opportunity!

Fast encoded bidirectional fully-emissive data colorgrams

The multi-bit depth always-emissive color beacon technology greatly increases bidirectional data payloads and signal-to-noise improvements over static high-contrast QR codes, and can be located across the displays as patterns, logos or other branded or personalized objects. QR codes are 1-way scanning and ours are bidirectional scanning.


The beacon’s multiple colors offer multi-bit data depth far exceeding QR data density, and necessary for fast EMV or Online type software security protocols, and data sharing. A user scanning-experience is similar to QR code payments and augmented with instant rewards, sync data, receipts, location-couponing, AI shoppers, tokens and more for a unique and enhanced mobile payments experience.


Please view our short slidedeck on this site for more information on this exciting opportunity.

Kerry Brown, CTO and co-founder:

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Mobile Optical, no-NFC, EMV/Other Software Protocol Payments Systems for all devices and OS with front-facing cameras. We extend online payments directly to offline customers at the mPOS.

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David Watkins

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Kerry Brown

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Peter Landrock. PhD

Crypto Security Expert, cofounder, director

Dan Cvrcek, PhD

Advisor, Steganography and analysis

Cryptomathic A/S


Smart Architects UK


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