We turn almost any device into a customer and merchant payment terminal!

MetaSepia is a Network Effect mobile retail payments company, enabling >2 Billion  Zoom-capable phones and devices AND a few video-chat networks supporting their >850 Million daily video-chats, as an optical payments network. This Optical payments network will be the largest global payments network via this collaboration that we enable by using the merchant and customer device displays and cameras to communicate via high-speed sequential colorgrams. We add the security and bilateral communications features of open network mobile NFC payments to custodial network QR-based payments. We support proprietary issuer and brand EMV protocols, as demonstrated on a certified payments test network in December, 2020.

We turn a video-chat network into a payments network. Adoption via a common Zoom, for instance,  network will soon be nearly immediately available, and scalable,to all such devices, rather than the present manufacturer-specific NFC payments such as the 220 Million Apple Payments between Apple devices or merchant NFC terminals. Micro and Small merchants will, in effect, host a short Zoom session facilitating mobile payments between the offline customer device and the online payments processors, with return confirmation and receipting to the merchant and customer.

This reduces time and cost of merchant network setup, and enables almost any customer and merchant device for payments. This also enables customer payments without exposing payment credentials to the merchant, nor requiring the customer to be logged into Zoom session. This process will also mutually authenticate and obtain customer authorization for an offline to online ID verification for payments, or other high security transactions between an offline customer and online merchant.

We use the merchant device for a 2 second video-chat passthrough channel from the customer phone to a remote online payments processor. We move the device-to-device payment protocols to a device-to-server level, with Zoom/other as the secure optical data transport layer.

We also demonstrated a mobile to mobile GooglePay and Paypass optical payment between offline IOS and online android devices, supporting a Secure Enclave and HC static test token, and cloud-based processes suitable for American Express payments network, or PayPal member platform payments. This phone to phone payment utilized certified kernel EMV protocols for mobile NFC, with normal payments services provider processing and transaction authorization.

Our Dec 7, 2020 prototype achieved a 2.39 second GooglePay Protocol transaction between an offline Apple customer and an online Android mPOS on the Abrantix test network. We developed our prototype demonstration app with their certified EMV L2 kernel. We demonstrated mobile Paypass transactions between these devices in November, 2020.

Company shareholders-developers in MetaSepia and assisting to achieve this extraordinary technology include  Cryptomathic GB, Smart Architects GB and Abrantix CH. This company partnership, utilizing some of their ~100 collective mobile payments and security engineers, will develop and help manage consultants to build this network with our video-chat network and payments processor network partners. Our motivated partnerships have vetted the technology with demonstrated capabilities, a fully-inclusive payments for all vision, IP protection, a professional team, an existing opportunity and need, and a path to rapid success!

We’re raising  $2 Mn in seed funding in 2021 for a 12+ month program to advance the prototype to MVP and beta-testing, and are working towards partnering with video-chat optical channel partners and payments processing partners in Q1 2021. The low cost of entry and and  high upside potential qualify this as an exceptional partnership and investment opportunity!

Please view our more technical presentation on this site for more information on this exciting opportunity of introducing payments to the existing video-chat networks and growing the largest scaleable mobile payments network!

Fast encoded bidirectional fully-emissive data colorgrams

The multi-bit always-emissive color beacon technology greatly increases data payloads and over static QR codes, and can be located across the displays as patterns, logos or other objects. The beacon’s multiple colors offer multi-bit data depth far exceeding QR packing, and necessary for EMV and authorization data sharing and processing within a very short expected period of time. Our optical codes, unlike static use-once QR codes, sequence at high speed for bilateral communications required for the highly secure EMV protocols. We upgrade QR-type optical payments to mobile NFC=EMV payments standards for almost all devices, and on highly scalable video-chat networks.


MetaSepia demonstrated a static profile GooglePay transaction, and a mobile Paypass transaction, on an Abrantix test network with a certified Abrantix EMV L2 kernel in Nov and Dec, 2020, and are now building the network with potential payment processing partners and video-chat network partners. We’ll soon turn on the largest global merchants payments networks!

Kerry Brown, CTO and co-founder:  kbrown@metasepia.com

Seed Round and Partnership Opportunity

Our Team

David Watkins

CEO, CFO, director

Kerry Brown

CTO, cofounder, director

Peter Landrock. PhD

Crypto Security Expert, cofounder, director

Dan Cvrcek, PhD

Advisor, Steganography and analysis

Cryptomathic A/S


Smart Architects UK


Abrantix AG


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